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Households to pay up to $194 more in 2014 for AMI

Sat, 23 Nov 2013 01:04 pm By admin

The Victorian energy regulator has given approval for electricity distributors to increase metering charges in 2014.

Different supply authorities have differing fee increases, with Jemena having the highest increase of almost $194. Powercor will increase their metering fee by a modest $115.

The distributors are experiencing difficulties clawing back costs associated with the rollout of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), and will now increases the fee they charge for smart metering, which will be directly passed onto consumers by retailers.

Unfortunately, the Victorian Liberal Party, who under the Baillieu leadership, decided in 2012 that the Labor-initiated rollout of AMI should continue, did not consider future price rises, and have ultimately led to higher costs for householders.

Approved 2014 Charges (Single Phase Meter)
CitiPower $116.55
Powercor $115.27
Jemena $193.82
SP AusNet $160.21
United Energy $141.33
Source: Herald Sun

This metering charge increase comes only days after it was announced that customers who have refused to have a new smart meter would be slugged up to $150 extra per year.

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