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Vic Energy Minister to commission Smart Meter safety audit

Wed, 29 Jan 2014 02:01 pm By admin

Victorian Energy Minister Nicholas Kotsiras has today announced he will be commissioning an independent 3rd party to perform a safety audit on smart meters.

Mr Kotsiras said the public needs to be convinced smart meters are safe and restore confidence in the system.

"I have got a smart meter and it's right outside my bedroom, and I believe they are safe, but again, people simply don't believe me and that's why it's important to get a third perspective" he says.

A report investigating the performance of power companies has found Smart meters remain the most significant issue for the community, followed closely by billing problems, contracts and tariffs. From the review, 69% of people's concerns with smart meters were about health concerns, which promoted the independent third party audit. Mr Kotsiras said the audit will "show once and for all that smart meters are safe".

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