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Smart Water Meters on the horizon for Victorians

Mon, 13 Jan 2014 05:21 pm By admin

Victorian water supply authorities are considering a rollout of Smart Water Meters.

If there were any winners for electric smart meters, it is the electricity companies themselves.

So why would customers take kindly to 'Water smart meters'? Mr Kevin Hutchins from South East Water today explained that the cost of the new meters (if they are rolled out) will not be passed onto customers, and they could detect water leaks much quicker.

However, he says South East Water are shying away form the term Smart Meter, instead labelling the meters 'Digital water meters', possibly to disassociate them with the electric version, which has drawn its share of criticism.

Like the electricity smart meters, Water customers could end up paying the cost of the new digital meters.

The digital water meters are powered by a battery, and reads the water consumption every hour. But this raises questions. How long does the battery last? Who bears the cost of replacement? Will hundreds of water meter readers potentially lose their jobs? Will the cost savings from not having to pay salaries of meter readers be passed onto consumers?

The estimated cost per meter is up to $50 if the distributors buy them in bulk.

Like the electric smart meter, once invented, there would be no putting the genie back in the bottle.

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