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$150 p/a for refusing a smart meter

Mon, 18 Nov 2013 06:34 am By admin

The electricity supply authorities in Victoria are planning to slug customers extra $150 per year on top of their normal electricity bills if they refuse a smart meter.

Those who refuse to have the new digital meters installed (as part of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure rollout) will be charged the extra fee, due to the authorities deeming it 'unfair' because everyone else has allowed the new meters to be installed.

It comes a week after SP Ausnet have announced that their AMI rollout completion date has been delayed, and will miss the end-of-year deadline.

Because nearly every premises has the new metering installed, supply authorities are now finding it uneconomical to send meter readers out to take readings of a handful of analogue meters, and hence are attempting to slug customers more to make up for the costs. It is a growing trend where authorities are using more aggressive methods to force customers into accepting the new meters.

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