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Smart meter cost blow-out results in higher metering charges for 2015

Sat, 13 Dec 2014 12:00 am By admin

Just a year after the Victorian Government approved an increase in metering charges in 2014, the Government have today announced another approval for price increases for 2015.

Approved 2015 Charges (Single Phase Meter)
Jemena $226.32
AusNet Services $205.54
United Energy $154.51
CitiPower $115.90
Powercor $109.40

Whilst most distributors have increased their charges, two others (CitiPower and PowerCor) have dropped their charges slightly by a few dollars. SP Ausnet had the highest increase, from $160 to a whopping $205, a 28% increase.

The price increases were due to the distributors lobbying the Government so they could claw back the cost blowouts associated with the AMI rollout.

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Industry watchdog recommends Pre-pay Smart Meters Mon, 10 Nov 2014 12:00 am By admin

Late last week, a report told of the NSW Energy and Water Ombudsman had recommended a controversial prepayment metering system. It believed that it may assist some customers with budgeting for energy costs and prevent 'bill shock'.

The Ombudsman's report says "A prepayment meter system should be a choice available to all Australian energy consumers". They acknowledged that whilst some customers under financial stress may "self-disconnect regularly", they add that those customers can reconnect their supply at a much lower cost than with standard metering arrangements.

The Victorian Council of Social Services believes it could be "disastrous for vulnerable customers", owing to the fact that prepay metering encourages customers to forgo electricity usage at the expense of their health and wellbeing, especially on days of extreme heat.

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CSIRO warns of smart meter hacking risk Mon, 05 May 2014 10:00 am By admin

The CSIRO has announced that smart meters and smart grids could be vulnerable to hackers and cyber attacks if electricity organisations don't take action to improve the security of their electronic systems.
Hackers could potentially take control of smart meters and turn off power supplies to homes. It could potentially occur during periods of peak demand, such as heatwaves, where entire cities could be blacked out.

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Smart meter refusal fee reasonable: Denis Napthine Thu, 20 Mar 2014 12:00 am By admin

Victorian premier Denis Napthine today said that the warning to customers who will be charged $150 per year for not having a smart meter is "reasonable".

"If you choose not to have a smart meter, you incur higher costs for the electricity company". Dr Napthine goes on to say that it would not be fair for other customers to share the cost incurred by a few customers who refused a smart meter.

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