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Under the 1988 Privacy Act,Priciple 1,subsection 2:
"Personal information shall not be collected by unlawful or unfair means"..
Monitoring someone's house with a wireless surveillance device(Smart Meter)would seem to breach this law,you can't sue the commissioner but you can sue the Electrical Company on these grounds!,who has the balls to do it,after all a women who received a single shock got $30,000,how much money can the power companies afford to lose?
We should sue them from every angle!!
I've been sent a letter warning me they will take my old meter away and disconect me....good!!,
then my solar array will come into its own,with its own regulator connected to my house wiring when the power company has taken it(the old analog meter) convieniantly away!!!...take it I dare you!!!

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